Magic The Gathering – The Game

Magic The Gathering is a collectible card game from Wizards Of The Coast. Created by Richard Garfield, he starting with offering a different game to Wizards, deeming this other game too expensive to manufacture, they requested Richard to come back with something unique, easy but quick to play. The result of that effort and the new game for Wizards was Magic The Gathering. The main aim of the game and it is more often than not, a two player game, is utilizing spells, artifacts and creatures to defeat your opponent and have them go from 20 life points to zero. The game has easy to learn concepts, yet may take some time to understand the outcomes that initially become rather complex.

Each card requires mana for that card to come into play, cards that are land or generate mana allows for these cards to come into play. Each card will be a creature, a spell or an artifact. These cards will affect either the player directly, the other player’s cards in play or both.

Being a collectible game, the cards from each set are available with differing levels of availability from ultra rare, rare, uncommon to common. There are core and expansion sets which are released every year since its inception, 1993. The original sets are almost impossible to get and trying to obtain the original Alpha series of cards, would be an extremely expensive endeavor.

Tournaments allow for various players to see there skills at firstly, test the building of decks that last a tournament as well as being used to defeat each opponent individually. People attend tournaments for fun, for prestige, for prizes such as booster packs or for unique cards or just simply as a social activity.

The game is also available online, yet there are many players from around the world that still enjoy the physical collectible cards available today, some cards from the original 1993 release are worth in excess of thousands of dollars.